Beautiful Jazz: A private concert

Grammy nominated pianist and arranger Christian Jacob presents his first solo piano recording, Beautiful Jazz: a private concert, aptly titled as this intimate solo recording is a dedication to the music that drew him away from the classical world and introduced him to the beautiful world of jazz. Available on CD as well as a limited edition vinyl LP.

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Beautiful Jazz: A private concert by Christian Jacob

Recorded in Los Angeles at the Zipper Concert Hall on a Hamburg Steinway Model D Grand, Beautiful Jazz captures the power and beauty of a true private concert. “There’s just something about the atmosphere of performing in a concert hall that makes everything easier to play and more fulfilling,” Christian explains. “It’s the real deal, and I wanted my solo recording to capture that.”

“I recorded ‘Tea for Two’ because it was the first song I learned to improvise on: ‘My Romance,’ ‘I’m Old Fashioned’ and ‘One Note Samba’ because they take me back to when I was first studying jazz at the Berklee College of Music. Then, there are a few iconic ballads like ‘Body and Soul,’ and ‘How Long Has This Been Going On.’ I didn’t plan to record ‘Giant Steps,’ but I’m happy I did. It’s that weird and beautiful tune that everyone tries to wrap their brain around. I also wanted to share an Etude by Stravinsky. Although I wanted to become a jazz musician, I always loved classical music, that’s why I had to include this little gem by Stravinsky.”

~ Christian Jacob

Christian Jacob records Beautiful Jazz


Beautiful Jazz: A private concert

~ All About Jazz

"Beautiful Jazz: A Private Concert is Jacob's love letter to the genre that whisked him away from the waiting arms of the classical world. He tackles old favorites here, revisiting and/or revising some of the very material that drew him toward jazz in the first place. Jacob brings a sense of wonder to "How Long Has This Been Going On?" tackles "That's All" in seven, muses on "My Romance," and delivers an information-dense "Surrey With The Fringe On Top." Jacob also tips his cap to pianist Bill Evans with "I'm Old Fashioned," references his classical upbringing through Stravinsky's "Etude No. 4 in F# Major," and delivers a wonderful "September Song" arrangement that's devoid of improvisation.

This whole program was recorded at a private concert at Zipper Hall in Los Angeles, with Jacob playing on a Hamburg Steinway Model D Grand. Both the scene and the instrument helped to shape this album, but it's Jacob who delivers on the promise of the title. Beautiful Jazz it is." ~ By Dan Bilawsky

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“The touch, the texture, the use of white space, the ability to be front and center without a net, this is what makes the difference between a pianist and a grand pianist and Jacob shows over and over that he knows what it is to be grand. Recorded in a concert hall with no audience but great acoustics, this is a tour de force showcase of solo jazz piano that the Previns, the Loussiers and the others will have to welcome with open arms. Killer stuff throughout.” ~ By Chris Spector

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“Christian might be best referred to as a post bop modern jazz impressionist with the harmonic base similar to Bill Evans or perhaps Keith Jarrett. A deft and lyrical touch finds a melodic range of fluid motion that is effortless as it is nuanced. Highlight here are far too numerous to list but include exquisite arrangements on "It Might As Well Be Spring" and "My Romance." There are a few surprises that thanks to the prolific talent of Jacob reach a new level of beauty and include "Giant Steps" and "Body and Soul." Staying true to his artistic integrity Igor Stravinsky's " Etude No. 4 F# Major" simply confirms the obvious, this is a release that should have come out much sooner!

Christian Jacob also works within an acclaimed trio ensemble and has an impressive musical resume that time and space simply will not allow me to list here. Nothing to grind on here, Christian Jacob and Beautiful Jazz is just that...”
~ By Brent Black

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"Jacob displays those beautiful cascades of notes Peterson was so adept at, but he also inserts a certain serial minimalism, a la Glass (whose Solo Piano should be in everyone's collection), when the avant-garde pokes its nose under the tent. That is to say: this guy holds a wide variety of influences and amalgamates them with beauty and precision, holding fast to no set genre but just music. Don't ask me to pigeonhole him, I can't do it." ~ By Mark S. Tucker

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This is great piano jazz in the tradition of such jazz masters as Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, and Keith Jarrett. It is not that he necessarily sounds like them; it’s more that he builds upon what they have done. He follows where they have led.

In a set of 13 tunes, most from the Great American Songbook, but with a couple of notable jazz classics and even a nod to his classical background, Jacob proves himself an artist of the first order. He plays with subtlety when necessary. He plays with panache when called for. This is an artist who knows his way around his instrument.
~ By Jack Goodstein


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~ Ann Hampton Callaway

"Alone on the keys and seas of a Hamburg Steinway, Christian Jacob navigates the waters of Gershwin, Rodgers, Kern and even Stravinsky with elegant splendor. In this intimate setting, he breathes exquisite life into A list standards, bringing to mind what Horowitz might have played had he been a jazz lover."

~ Dr Herb Wong

"Christian's sparkling gems of jazz reveal an imaginative fresh personalized sound and approach. It is praise-worthy and simply beautiful!"

~ Betty Buckley

Christian Jacob is such a beautiful, gifted world class pianist and arranger. His music, his touch, are from the depths of his soul. I have been blessed to be one of his collaborators on many concert stages. And I am now so thrilled to have his newest lovely solo album, so that I can relive his music over and over.