Styne & Mine
by the Christian Jacob Trio

“Styne & Mine” pays tribute to the music of Jule Styne with some of Christian Jacob's originals mixed in. Hence the title. For Christian, this CD was a long time coming. For years he had been recording and touring with Trey Henry and Ray Brinker and he felt that this was a great project for them to record. Longtime friend and musical partner Tierney Sutton, joins in for two of the tracks.

Reached #3 in National JazzWeek Chart
#1 in The Music Choice Jazz Chart

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*Tierney Sutton sings on
“Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry”
and “I Fall In Love Too Easily”




Christian's taste and touch are impeccable.
Jule Styne would love this CD and so will you.
~Alan and Marilyn Bergman

I’ve heard and played with many pianists over many years, including some of the great ones, so that it would take one with exceptional talent to cause my ears to “stand up.” Christian has done just that with this CD. It is rewarding and quite fulfilling to hear someone of his talent, and the unique ability to extemporaneously bring things to life.

This is real jazz at its finest. You owe it to yourself to listen to this man.
~Benny Golson

"As a writer dealing mainly with larger ensembles, I don't hear many trios, but this one got my attention imediatly. Christian, Trey and Ray are masters: chops are in abundance, but only in the service of the music. The charts, whether by Christian or by the trio, are superb. (In "Tears", note the mournful harmonies behind "guess I'll hang my tears out...") . Tierney, with whom the group has been collaborating recently, tells her stories sweetly and convincingly. An additional good stroke is the too-seldom-heard music of Julie Styne."

"This is an important recording. And also a knockout to hear."
~Bill Holman

“Here is an example of a virtuoso who has found his band! Christian Jacob has always been magical but with this trio the interplay takes it to an even greater level. Ray Brinker has always been a favorite drummer of mine and Trey Henry has such a beautiful melodic concept. It’s almost like he’s a great jazz cello player.
You need to hear this CD!”
~Maynard Ferguson

"Jacob, a lyrical player in the Bill Evans/Keith Jarrett stylistic mode with touches of Oscar Peterson flash, offers a nicely crafted rendering of nine Jule Styne standards, as well as a sensitive look at four of his own compositions. The trio’s readings of Jacob’s tunes, grouped near the middle of the disc, offer the album’s high points.
~ Will Smith
of Down Beat"