Behind the Scenes Interviews
Over the years many students and fans have had questions for the guys,
so we decided to post some of their interviews here.

Click on the cover of "Contradictions" for interviews regarding the making of this project, plus learn about each of the players' creative approach .

Click to read Contradictions interviews
Click to read Styne & Mine interviews
Click on the cover of "Styne & Mine" for interviews about the bands musical beginnings and how their years of working together lead to their first trio recording.


Coming Soon a look into the making of our 2014 April release

Beautiful Jazz
A private concert

CD cover image of Beautiful Jazz: A private concert

"My transition from classical to jazz happened many years ago, and now I find myself taking on the deeply personal task of releasing my first solo piano project. So much has influenced my playing over the years, but for this recording I wanted to go back to this pivotal time in my life and share my love for the timeless, iconic standards that brought me to this world of beautiful jazz." ~ Christian Jacob